Supermarket Zone

Entire Zone:

  • Oriented towards considerable energy savings
  • Maximum exposition surface
  • Transparent Doors & Covers in order to make the goods available to the customer.

Devices in the Zone:

Octans OPT without Doors:

  • 30% more exposition surface
  • 29% less consumption of cooling power
  • Open shelve with perfect cooling parameters suitable for selling meat
  • Easily connected into a row low energy consumption
  • CO2 Devices

ARA Freezing Island:


  • 50% less cooling power needed
  • Covers from an Italian producer assuring power savings, easy operation, easy access to goods (push type covers)

Calypso 06:


  • Transparency which guarantees perfect exposure and visibility of products.
  • Propane Device
  • Carrel Electronic Driver
  • Sanhua micro channel condenser characterized by:
    •   Better heat exchange owing better agent speed and bigger spread surface.
    • Environmentally friendly (system requires less agent up to 70% in the condenser, up to 30% in the entire system).
    • Made of aluminum (recyclable and resistant to corrosion)

Fresca was founded in 2007 in Beirut, Lebanon. Over ten years of constant dedication and research have enabled Fresca and its products to reach a prestigious position both in the local and Middle East markets.
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