Fresca Dolce

Welcome to the world of Fresca Dolce

Craving for a sweet Italian taste?
Want to feel fresh by the pool at  HOME?
Want to trust the quality of the products you are eating?

Fresca Dolce has all YOU need!

With 15 years of experience in the field of Equipment for Pastry & Gelato and
with your constant Trust & Support, Fresca has Decided to Expand & Grow!

We are glad to introduce the world of Italian sweets and let you enjoy
making them at HOME

With Fresca Dolce , YOU can be the CHEF and prepare YOUR own
Italian desserts

We offer you a combination of High-End Italian Machinery & Exceptional Tasty
Raw Materials to prepare your desert & Enjoy a Unique Unbeatable Taste

All you need to do is get ready to be a CHEF & have some FUN!

Fresca was founded in 2007 in Beirut, Lebanon. Over ten years of constant dedication and research have enabled Fresca and its products to reach a prestigious position both in the local and Middle East markets.
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