The structure, the design, the features are those of our historical articles; the essential difference is the depth of the basket, which is particularly reduced here.
This solution allows the trolley to be emptied more easily avoiding uncomfortable postures, and makes the trolley lighter, so that it is easier to handle and more practical.
KEITA is recommended for handling goods inside, garden centres or DIY stores.
It is especially suitable for use by elderly and disabled persons.


Capacity: 90 lt
Width: 595 mm
Height: 1.048 mm
Depth: 1.050 mm
Nesting capacity: 265 mm
Weight: 14 kg



● RAL 7043
● RAL 5002
● RAL 3020

Back wall

● RAL 7023


● RAL 7043
● RAL 7023

Customisable in any colour on customer request





1. LC Ø 100
2. LC Ø 125
3. LC travelator T.M. Ø 125
4. Premium LC Ø 100
5. Premium LC Ø 125
6. Premium travelator LC Ø 125 T.M.
7. LC with brake Ø 100
8. LC with brake Ø 125